Whitewald Ranger Corps

The Whitewald Ranger Corps

Stationed in the Bannorn of Whitewald, the reclusive Ranger Corps is a group of some renown. Their main task is to keep the woods and surrounding wilds safe from poachers and roving bands of Chasind Wilders. Unofficially however, they have a much greater and more dangerous task.

Several entrances to the infamous Deep Roads can be found in the area, and the Corps watches them closely. From time to time Darkspawn will use these exits to come up to the surface. Most often they are mere stragglers that somehow got lost, but it wouldn’t be the first or last time the Ranger Corps dealt with a small marauding band.

As such, the rangers have in fact fought against Darkspawn regularly, unlike the average Fereldan and due to this, they have earned some respect from both the dwarfs and the Grey Wardens. In fact, the Grey Wardens often visit the Corps to see if there are promising new recruits amongst them.

And since they know the wilds and woods like the back of their own hands, the Rangers often escort Grey Warden parties towards the Deep Roads entries. Sometimes even going as far as entering the Deep Roads with them.

The rangers themselves receive their supplies and equipment from the Bann of Whitewald, Bann Aindreas Wortham. Recruits are taken from wherever a promising candidate is found. The rangers aren’t picky, so long as you can keep the peace without resulting to cruelty and can withstand the harsh training as an apprentice.

Currently they are being led by Graeme Wortham, son of Bann Wortham and 91st Commander of the Corps.

Whitewald Ranger Corps

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