The knight in cloth


Name: Tavis Allensworth
Background: Fereldan Circle Mage
age: 24
level: 3
HP: 35
Speed: 10
Defence: 10
Armor: 0


Communication: 1,
Constitution : 2, stamina
Cunning : 4, arcane lore
Dexterity : 0,
Magic : 5, Primal
Perception : 0,
Strenght : 1,
Willpower : 2,

Weapon groups:

Lore: Novice
Primal Magic: Novice


Short bio
10th Year
Found out to be a mage and taken to the Circle tower
11th Year
Finally accepted his life in the circle
15th Year
Fellow mage insulted his “chivalry code” and dared “wooing” the object of his affection
19th Year
Under took his Harrowing.
24th Year
Left the circle together with a templar to do good, study and help the weak.

Family, Friends, Foes and Woes

Tavis’s younger sister. Currently 22 years old. Best described as a short (165cm), ball of energy and all-around sweet person. Works as the personal attendant for one of the lesser noble ladies within the city of Ameranthine. Her hair is long and black as the deepest night and her eyes a warm and friendly brown.
Hard work keeps her body slim and fit, and even a noble would most likely turn his head to get a second glimpse of the dark-haired beauty. Like Tavis, she is proud of her heritage and her knightly roots, but she is fair and open-minded and will refuse to see the “common-folk” as nothing but tools and sources of income.
Unlike her parents, she cares deeply about her brother and was very saddened when he was taken away. Ever since she learned how to write, she has been writing to him regularly. Lately however, the amount of letters has been decreasing, and it has now been more then two months since her last one arrived, making Tavis deeply worried.

Ser Jarryd
Tavis’s father. Is also known as “The Sword”, within the army of the noble he serves thanks to his outstanding years of service and his accomplishment of being the winner of the Bann’s yearly tournament for 5 consecutive times. And despite his age (49), he still competes every year and gives the “rookies”, as he calls them, a run for their money.
He was devastated when he learned his son could not follow in his footsteps and while he still cares for the boy he, being a devout and firm follower of the chantry, is ashamed that his son is a mage.

A templar stationed at the Circle tower.

Insulting mage (forgot the name, calls him Jim)
This mage mocked Tavis constantly during his days in the Circle. Especially the fact that Tavis adored knights and wanted to be one. He also tried making the girl Tavis had an eye on fall in love with him. One of the few people that will cause Tavis to lose his temper at the mere sight of him.

Killed his possessed/transformed brother during fight with Mythallan

Will drop to his knees and quiver in fear at the sight of them (needs Willpower(courage) check to see if action can be made)
Must always adhere to his code of chivalry
Terrible sense of direction
Able to get lost within his own room…


Short term

  • Beat Mythallan in an attempt to save the village and help the Dalish. (Completed)
  • Help “the witch”
  • Find out why the water is cursed
  • Save his sister

Medium term

  • Due to his obsession with knights, he wants to find the lost teachings of the Arcane Warriors and become the first new Arcane Warrior
  • Wants to visit his parental home to see how his sister is faring

Long term

  • Lessen or change the way the Chantry can influence the Circle.


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