The Severed Reality

Two Years Later

Two years later, the blight has struck and new heroes take the spotlight

Two years later five new heroes take the spotlight in the fight for the survival of Ferelden and the strungle against the hold that Filius Ultionem has on it.

It is the 15th of Drakonis, 9:31.

Starring ( Add small details/links/updates to your High Concept if I got it wrong or you want change.
Guy, The Orlesian Chevalier on Foot.

Guy a Chevalier from Olais get seperated from his homeland with only 15 men from a deadly battle against the Darkspawn.
Guy’s story, Flight from Orlais worth 250 xp

Dorian, Half-Tranquil Mage Hunter

Dorian travels an experimental Tranquil, is on a top secret mission from the Chantry. Damaf has been sent with him to use when required.

Damaf, * ……. Filius Ultionem *

After having dreadfull experiences in the fade, the demon Filius Ultionem stroke Damaf hard on Satinalia Day. After a hard battle in Fade with his mind on the line. Damaf was victorious earning him a immunity to its influence from the Fade.
During this long and hard battle Damaf wound up with the ….. staff, in Nevarra. He was captured by the Chantry, his immunity kept him alive, so long as he would cooperate.
He was prodded and tested, but no explanation was found in the short time they had. He was sent of under the strict guard of Dorian.

Neara, The Honorbound Archer Captain

During the battle of Denerim, after Neara knew Denerim and Fort Drakon were lost, Neara ordered her men to make a tactical retreat from the battlefield. Neara and her 20 men left Denerim battered and wounded, and after a long and struggling ‘trip’ across the Waking Sea, they arrived in the vicinity of Orzammar. Only to discover that it was run over and collapsed on Dark Spawn.

There last hope was the Frostback Mountains, or turn to Orlais (No, not an option). More than two months travel and 8 men lost they arrived near the Rose Lady Lake.


A small but headstrong girl of the mountains, left Wyrmhold to hunt for food. Because even though dark times were approaching for the Avvar, without food no man woman or child survives out here.

Quickly she spotted the perfect prey, a small bird, one shot kill. STrangely enough this odd bird, one which wasn’t native to the mountains lay dead with a small note attached to it.

It described a meeting at the Dragonroar Fortress, the Fortress no one has been since the Dragon Age came upon us. In Three nights from today, inscribed with a strange emblem.


Zenmah Zenmah

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