Welcome to the Severed Reality, a Dragon Age Table Top Game.

This campaign follows events that begin in the first two Campaigns: The Time is Nigh and The Grey Movement. Now two years later we return to Thedas and Ferelden in war time.

The Fifth blight all started with the Amareus.
Three Archdemons ripped through the earth at different places in Thedas for the biggest and baddest Blight ever seen before. Nations are at the brink of destruction,
Each Archdemon has its own name:

Several factions are in play here.

  • Ferelden & Avaaran resistance in the Frostback mountains
  • Grey Movement assisted by several Dragon’s and High Dragons

What happened So Far


Some house rules used in this campaign:

General Houserules

Esoterica Houserules

Character Creation
Aspects & Fate points

Inspired by Dresden Files Role Playing Games

Each character recieves a number of Fate points equals to half its level. During a session you can use fate points to use Aspects to their benefit.
Creating Aspects
An aspect is a short desciprion/frase that describes a part of your character, his personality, what he can do, who he knows, etc. It should be reasonably unique so describing you’r a Noble Lord can be a bit generalistic. Somthing more like Charismatic Orlesian General implies more then just one thing. Below some exaples what an aspect can describe.

  • Something you are. Your job, your nationality, your hobby, your race, whatever.
  • Something you do. More of an avocation – helping the helpless, reading voraciously, good cook, things like that.
  • Something you say. A catchphrase, or a line that sums up some facet of your character.
  • Someone you know. A friend, an enemy, a rival, a lover, a family member, and so on.
  • Something you have. An item with special meaning for you – your grandfather’s sword, a custom car, a friendship bracelet from your daughter.

Using Aspects

Invoke for Bonus
You can always just spend a Fate Point for a +1 to the roll, but you get more bang for the buck (or point, anyway) when you use that Fate Point to invoke an Aspect: +2 or a reroll of all the dice. If you use it in this way, you need to describe how your Aspect helps your character with this roll.

Fate Points are the currency of game play. You want Fate Points. You get Fate Points when one of your Aspects constrains your character’s options in a way that causes you some difficulty. Got an Aspect called Bad Temper? You get a Fate Point whenever you blow up at someone and it makes your life difficult. This means you want an Aspect that talks about a complication in your character’s life.

Invoke for Effect (Declare some thing you did or some tangible thing that should exist.)
Let’s say you need to get in to see a noble lord of a house. You don’t have an appointment, and none of your skills are up to the challenge of hoodwinking the guards at the entrance of his mansion. You can use a single Fatepoint to declare that:
“Because I’m a Wealthy Man About Town, I’ve met the Noble at the Summertag festifal last week, so I just tell the guerd to let him know I’m here. He’ll want to see me.”
This is invoking for effect.
To make this work for you, you want your Aspect to state or imply some ability or association that has its own effects.

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The Severed Reality

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