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The Last Stand of Ferelden

This happens Now

Arrival of the Blight

9:31 25th of Wintermarch: The Fall of Denerim
  • The calvelrie come with an extraction team, lead by the grey movement under the leadership of The Grey One assisted by a Dragons and two High Dragons.
  • Saving Logain several of the remaining noble houses still with a breathing air.
  • a handfull of mages, less then half a dozen Grey Wardens and two elven clans escape the doomed Denerim;
9:31 Wintermarch: The Battle of Denerim and Fort Drakon
9:31 30th Firstfall: The Drowned Mage Tower
  • At the End of Firstfallit was decided that the Right of Annulment needed to be executed on the Circle of Lake Calenhad. Which resulted in destrokying the Mage tower and drowning the remaining mages in that lake.
  • The mages had an internal war against the attack of Filius Ultionem, most were on some part influenced by it.
  • Hundreds of mages are purified by the water in Lake Calenhad.
9:31 Satinalia: Crippling the Mages
  • On the beginning of Annum Filius Ultionem made a suprising blow against most mages in Ferelden, who were from that point on foreward influenced by the Rage it was spreading.
  • Which caused the internal war in the Circle of Mages in Calenhad.
  • A handfull mages influenced or not by Filius Ultionem managed to escape before the Templar’s Wrath occurred on the 30th day of Wintermarch

The Time is Nigh in Thedas & The Grey Movement Campaigns

9:29 25th day of Cloudreach The Grey Movement is Doomed?
9:29 25th day of Cloudreach Nonac Strikes
9:29 25th-26th day of Cloudreach The Split-up
9:29 22nd-23rd day of Cloudreach The Elven Mystery Mirror
9:29 22nd day of Cloudreach What We’re Here For, Fight to The Death
9:29 21st day of Cloudreach Arrival of the Grey Movement
9:29 19th-23rd day of Cloudreach Imprisoned in the City of Noxus
9:29 9th-13th day of Cloudreach The cursed village of Thuban
9:29 15th-17th day of Cloudreach The Origins of Black Tavern Day
9:29 3rd-6th day of Cloudreach The Dalish Curse
9:29 Drakonis Bann Higgens kills the first form of Fillius Ultionem
9:29 First Day First sighting of Filius Ultionem


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