Act Three Summary

Arrival in Noxus

  • On the way to Noxus the caravan stopped to look after two Women Bayla and Azura lay in front of the first wagon.
  • They were being followed by a group of bandits, who were working for Grievous.
  • After arriving in Noxus
    • Leo arranged with a local blacksmith that he could work on a new weapon.
    • Tavis met up with an old friend Eshara, she explained she and Seras were being hunted by all the city guards, for killing a noble. He got caught and she narrowly escaped, she asked Tavis for assisting her with the escape plan.
    • Damaf went in the dreamy fade and saved Azura from her mysterious captivity, and escaped several demons on the way out.
  • Unfortunately Leo was interrupted by sevelar templar who heard rumors that Leo Branson the creator of the red knifes had arrived in town. He and Tavis, the presumed assistent, were carried into Impel Noxus.

Impel Noxus, The magical Prison

  • Now Damaf and Byorn were left to save three unfortunate prisoners, all of course ‘Innocent’.
  • They heard from Eshara that the prison was being attacked and therefor hard to get into, so it was decided that a distraction was in order. Damaf was going to burn the Chantry down. Azura was a little in awe of her rescuers courage and insanity.
  • Byorn made sure the Chantry was empty, and got Bayla out before it was too late.
  • In the Prison Seras was joined by Leo in one of the upper prison levels, Tavis was escorted to a special cell deep down in the earth.
  • Seras and Leo were visited by Red Jack the assassin of the noble. He demanded his knives back from Seras, apparently he stole some of the daggers. Leo negotiated with Red Jack for his freedom and promised the assassin a Favor in the future.
  • Damaf was seen in the light of the burned Chantry, and one of the templars spotted him, so the chase was on. Thankfully Damaf outwitted the Oaf, and disappeared into the alleys of Noxus.
  • While the Chantry started to burn the Bann of SouthEast Ferelden rode into Noxus.
Filius Ultionem Strikes again

Leaving Noxus behind

Act Three Summary

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