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  • Act One Summary

    * Lifted the Dalish Curse of the Merill clan of the Dalish. ** Resulting in a the climactic battle of Vintever, wich took the lives of 20 women en children and 30 brave fighting men, including Coanal the Blacksmith. Though many were lost, more where …

  • Act Two Summary

    ** After arriving in the village of Thuban, most of the town are 'aggressively' looking for Alera who is claimed to have cursed the river. ** Tavis wandered around into the hands of a group who tried to manipulate him in the Fade, but Byorn, Seth and …

  • Act Three Summary

    h3. Arrival in Noxus ** On the way to Noxus the caravan stopped to look after two Women [[:bayla | Bayla ]] and [[:azura-1 | Azura ]] lay in front of the first wagon. ** They were being followed by a group of bandits, who were working for [[: …

  • Final Act Summary

    h5. The 'Bandit' attack h5. The awakening of Azura h5. Escaping the Fade, again h5. The Revelation of Azura h5. The Split-up.