The Severed Reality

Act Two: The Cursed village of Thuban
What happened in the village of Thuban
  • After arriving in the village of Thuban, most of the town are ‘aggressively’ looking for Alera who is claimed to have cursed the river.
  • Tavis wandered around into the hands of a group who tried to manipulate him in the Fade, but Byorn, Seth and Damaf arrived just in time in the Drumas Caves just in the Brescillian Forest.
  • During exploration of the village Thuban, several paths are linked to the Drumas Caves
    • Charles’ Horse Barn
    • The mayors house
    • The Inn
    • A mysterious underground Gladiator hall full of monsters.
    • The cabin of old Alandro
  • Rescued the real mayor and the unconcious Sarah Stone from the depts of an underground Gladiator hall.
  • Sister Stone is locked up in special Fade Collar , the Severed Dreams Collar.
  • The villagers of Thuban have been cursed, a substance has mixed with their blood and made them mad. They call to ‘The Mother’ acourding to Freddy.
  • Alera seems not totally lost, she remembers a fuzzy dream, being rescued by a Bare chested Barbarian and several other girls.
  • Letters retrieved from Grevious’ lair reveal several facts:
    • Several prospects are being moved to The Wilds and the introduction of Fase 2
    • A possible answer to Brienne’s lack of communication, she might be one of the prospects of Grievous
    • Grievous seem to have an interest in the Son of Ser Jarryd and Damaf the escapee.
  • According to the Mayor his captors were some of his old friends, Alandro, The Innkeeper, The Purple Cloacked Man and the collared Iafalior Balefrost. And another mysterious ‘bleak looking’ Elf. They left the Mayor for dead and are heading south to the Wilds.
  • The Mayor asked/begged for the help of the party, even just the knowledge to free his fellow villagers from the curse. Tavis refused.
  • Tavis, Damaf, Leo and Byorn decided to leave Thuban to Charlesand the Mayor (and Drum?)
  • Sister Stone and Alera were also left in their care.
  • First stop Vintever


  • Freddy was saved by Tavis and Damaf from being consumed by the curse of Thuban.
  • Alera and Sister Stone are safe for now.
  • Alera seems to slowly regain her sense of self, including dreaming
  • Sister Stone is still locked in her Severed Dreams collar. ( And orders given when collaring her must be obeyed).
  • Seth’s body is still missing.
  • Drum is still pretty safe, drinking in his free time
  • The Mayor and Charles are left to solve the Curse of Thuban.
  • The river is still cursed.
  • View
    Meeting with Master Grievous
    Seth and Byorn find a new party involved in the affairs of Thuban

    Seth and Byorn convince Charles that they are not Charlies killers,
    They join up with Charles to track the black cloakedman to a meeting with his leader, Grievous.

    The black cloacked man, made a progress report.
    bq). The prepared prospects are being transported by the slave magician to the south. They are ready for the Phase Two to start.

    Seth, Byorn and Charles were spotted, and after a fierce fight, with losses on both sides, they fought back Grievous and The Purple Cloacked man.

    Act One: The Dalish Curse
    Summary of the first act
    • Lifted the Dalish Curse of the Merill clan of the Dalish.
      • Resulting in a the climactic battle of Vintever, wich took the lives of 20 women en children and 30 brave fighting men, including Coanal the Blacksmith. Though many were lost, more where saved. Including little Brian, now an orphan.
      • Many lives of the Merill clan were lost, Orellis ,the Keeper, his competing Firsts (Eshara and Seth), a few elders and children and a handful of the heavily wounded elven hunters remain. Ready to rebuild the clan.
      • Seras decides to stay with the Merill clan to learn of his lost herritage.
      • Seth decides to learn more about the world outside the fallen apart from the Merill clan.
    A meeting place controlled by fate



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