Zakanan Bandits

A mysterious bandit movement in Ferelden


Not much is known about these seemingly widespread bandits, several sightings among Fereldan Freemen have been recorded. The always appear in red and black uniforms, with a sharp and bright yellow sun on the chest where the heart lies. And their cloak bears the mark of drawn bows.
But their activities are shrouded in deaths and disappearances, they are careful and organized in their activities. And leave no witnesses, almost none.


Using his wits and quick and dirty magic, Ser Tavis managed to escape their grasp. While his accompanying Templar lost his live fighting the attackers.

Sister Stone was chased into the Brecillian forest hiding from these attackers.


A few other rumors spread out into Fereldan.

  • One in red and black with a sun was seen in perimeter with a local Bann.

Zakanan Bandits

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