Rene Artois

Used to be second in command, but then he took an arrow to the knee...


One of the older chevaliers that went south with Guy. In fact, the two had served together in the war with Ferelden and they trust each other without a shadow of a doubt. Rene is Guy’s second in command and worked wonders while preparing Val Firmin for the oncoming Darkspawn horde.

Unfortunately, while fighting back a wave that threatened to breach the walls, he took an arrow to the knee. Because of this, he was unable to raise his shield on time to deflect the oncoming blow of a vicious Hurlock.

Mortally wounded, several men dragged him away and brought him to Damaf and Dorian. These two mages had been drafted by Guy after hearing of the oncoming horde. With a lot of effort, they saved Rene’s life…

However, he is still in critical condition as even with magic, there is only so much one can do. They tied him down to one of the remaining horses and took him with them on their desperate flight. Miraculously, he survived both Darkspawn ambushes and actually seems to be improving again.

Rene Artois

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