Red Jack

The mysterious black-clad killer


Background: City Elf Rogue
Age: 28 Height: 6’1"
level: 10
maxHP: 60 maxSP: 15
Speed: 16
Defence: 16
Armor: 5

Communication: 3, Deception
Constitution : 1,
Cunning : 5, Poison Lore,
Dexterity : 6, Stealth, Initiative, Light Blades, Lock picking
Magic : 1,
Perception : 4, Seeing, Tracking
Strenght : 2, Intimidation
Willpower : 1, Courage

Weapon groups:
Light Blades, Bows, Brawling, Staves.

Scouting Novice
Throwing Weapon style Master
Single weapon style Journeyman
Assassin Master

Precision Throw

Style stunts:
Hurling rush
Lancing throw
To the face

Dirty Fighting
Marked for Death

Demon’s Toothpicks (Red Steel Throwing knives,12,coated in red haze)
Bloodletter (Red Steel Short Sword)
Reinforced Light Leather
red haze (poison) (3 doses)

Demon’s Toothpicks:
attack: + 9, range: 6-12 damage: 1d6 + 7
The Demon’s Toothpicks are coated with red haze
attack: + 8, damage: 1d6 + 6 (1d6 + 9 in lethality stance)
Targets hit by bloodletter must succeed on a con(stamina) test with a TN of 10+wielder’s cunning at the start of their next turn or take 1d6 penetrating damage.

Combat Notes:
In combat, Red Jack will usually try to attack as many enemies as possible with his throwing knifes before slipping away in the shadows and escaping.
Red Jack will only use bloodletter when cornered.


Red Jack stands well over 6 foot tall and has a deep, mysterious voice. With his long black coat and heavy boots, Jack is a fearsome presence, a black wide rimmed hat and shoulder-length black hair hide his pale face and pointed ears.

In year 97 of the blessed age, Red Jack (real name unknown) was born to an elven maid who had been raped by her “noble” human master.
Though technically human, Jack carries distinctive elven features. This has led him to become outcast by both humans and the elven community he grew up in.
Unable to bear the shame, his mother abandoned Jack at a young age and left him to fend for himself. Eventually, Jack was taken in by one of Denerim’s assassin’s guilds, which are always on the lookout for young members.

As he grew older, Jack lost interest in serving the guild and remained mostly for the training and resources available to members. The vast information network maintained by the assassin’s guild allowed Jack to discover the likely identity of his father.
After making some preparations, Jack left the guild in order to pursue his new goal: killing the bastard that put him on this world. After succeeding at his goal, Jack felt unsatisfied, many more noblemen would have to perish to slake Jack’s newfound lust.

Jack soon became notorious as one of the most dangerous and ungraspable serial killers in ferelden. His preferred modus operandi is using his trademark red steel throwing knives to deliver a mind-wracking poison known as “red haze”.
His targets are exclusively male human nobles born between the years 60 and 80 blessed.

In recent events, Jack visited Leo Branson’s smithy to order a new supply of throwing daggers.

Red Jack

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