Pierre Dubois

The wilhelm screamer


Pierre Dubois was one of the 50 chevaliers drafted by the chevalier captain Guy du Lombard to investigate the rumors of Darkspawn appearing in the countryside. Like the others, he fought valiantly to defend Val Firmin and was devastated when they had to abandon the city.

Eager to prove himself capable, this hotheaded young chevalier was almost amongst the first to volunteer for any task Guy might have. Being a great shot with a keen pair of eyes, he was part of the skirmisher team that had been sent to harry their pursuers.

His keen eye sight however, turned out to be his undoing. Needing someone in a higher position to see what it was that was coming their way, Guy ordered the young man to climb up a tree. Once he reached the higher branches, his brethren could hear a pathetic scream followed by the loud thud of his body hitting the ground.

The poor sobs throat had been sliced open completely and likely he was dead before he had even hit the ground. After the ensuing battle, Guy ordered his men to strap the corpse to one of the horses so they could give at least this one a proper cremation after finding shelter for the night…

Pierre Dubois

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