Warden of Impel Nox, the largest prison in Ferelden located in the city of Noxus.


Magellan is the warden responsible for the Impel Nox prison located in the heart of the city of Noxus.
He inherrited the right of wardenship from his father, 15 years ago, who in his turn took the prison back from the Orleseans, and with that freed all Ferelden who were kept in lockup.

Although the prison is laced with magic artifacts, runes and other stuff, he dislikes using them. He sees its usefullness as long as it can be controlled. It is far too often a unknown factor.
That is why he stays away from mages and why has made all effort to bann everyone from the 3rd basement.

He was in possession of another Link of Rage, and during the infiltration of Red Jack unleashed the rage of the demon, Filius Ultionem. Now it slowly takes over his body.
Only it is stronger then the last time, partly because of the host and party because one of the links was already unleashed.


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