Leo Branson

Leo is a weaponsmith who fought in the war against Orlais


Name: Leo Branson
Background: Ferelden craftsman Rogue
age: 39 height: 6’3"
level: 3
maxHP: 39 maxSP: 6
Speed: 14 Defence: 14 Armor: 4


Communication: 0,
Constitution : 1,
Cunning : 3,
Dexterity : 4, Crafting.
Magic : 0,
Perception : 1,
Strenght : 4, Smithing, Heavy Blades.
Willpower : 1,

Weapon groups:
Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Bows, Brawling, Staves.

Scouting Novice
Dual Weapon Style Novice
Single Weapon Style Novice

Momentum Stance
Dual Striking
Perfect Striking

Style stunts:
True strike


Leo Branson is a weapon smith living in the village of Thuban.
When he was a mere 14 years old, Leo was a scout during the Fereldan uprising against Orlais. Tasked with sneaking into enemy territory and reporting anything he saw back to his sergeant, Leo often found himself in danger.
One day, Leo was tasked with watching the road leading to his regiment’s encampment. Tired from boredom and long duty, Leo fell fast asleep. When he woke, he noticed horse tracks on the road. He ran back to the encampment only to find it overrun by Orlesian chevaliers. For weeks Leo roamed in search of the Fereldan army. Eventually he was caught trying to steal food from an Orlesian camp. The Friesians took him captive and used him as a slave.
After what seemed like months, Leo was freed when the Orlesians holding him captive were defeated in battle. The Fereldan regiment which saved him took him in, the quartermaster in particular took him in his care, his name was Tomas Wright. Tomas had been a blacksmith before the war, and after the war ended he took Leo in as his apprentice.

Leo learned fast and felt at home in the forge, but he never really fit in with the rest of the village. War had left Leo socially crippled, after Tomas passed away, Leo inherited the smithy and practically became a hermit. With the war over, the demand for weapons was small in this peaceful village and Leo spent most of his time forging tools, though he always crafted weapons and practiced with them whenever he had time.

Sometimes, Leo still blames himself for the death of his regiment during the war and as a result he despises sloth and carelessness (and Orlais). Leo takes pride in the skill with which he crafts and wields his weapons, though he would be reluctant to say so.

In recent events, Leo has found his whole village to have gone into a mad witch-hunting frenzy and he is determined to find the source of this unnatural behavior.


Raoul d’Montford
Gabriel d’Montford
Red Jack ?

Hates anything related to Orlais
Dispite considering sloth a terrible sin, Leo can often be found napping.
Hunger during the war has left Leo with an urge to see anything remotely edible as food.

Short term goals:
-Find the source of the unnatural madness affecting the villagers.

Medium term goals:
-Discover the identity of the mysterious black-clad man who commisioned the “Demon’s Toothpicks”.

Long term goals:
-Forge a pair of amazing swords and wield them in combat (preferably against Orlesians).
-Leave the village and start a smithy somewhere his arts will be more appreciated.
-Find and kill Raoul d’Montford, the Orlesian captain who wiped out Leo’s regiment.

Leo writes down his adventures in an old journal he has had since the Fereldan rebellion.
Leo’s war journal
Leo also keeps a catalog of all the notable weapons he forges.
Leo’s weapons catalog

Leo Branson

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