Jacques Cousteau

The one that likes accounting


How Jacques ever made it into the order of Chevaliers shall most likely remain a mystery for ever. The man has problems keeping up with the pace of a forced march, is afraid of getting hurt and just barely knows which end of the sword is used to stick into the enemy. As such, of the 50 Chevaliers Guy took south, this one was expected to die first when things went sour.

Trough luck or some sort of divine intervention however, he has managed to survive not only the siege of Val Firmin, but the hurried retreat and subsequent ambushes as well. And Guy is grateful for it. While he might despise the man for his cowardice, lack of fighting skills and the fact he likes to listen to political gossiping, there is no denying his one skill.

Counting. That’s right. Ever since he was old enough to learn how to count, Jacques has been busy counting something. Anything. Whether it was his own 10 fingers, or the amount of snow that had fallen. He was always counting. ALWAYS.

As such, there could not be anyone more suited to act as quartermaster and logistics officer for Guy’s ragtag group of survivors.

Jacques Cousteau

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