Gabriel d'Montford

A dueling prodigy with a silver tongue


Name: Gabriel D’Montford
Background: Olesian Rogue Duelist
level: 6
HP: 51
Speed: 14
Defence: 14 (15 with rapier and main gauche)
Armor: 5


Communication: 3, Persuation, Bluff
Constitution : 1, Stamina
Cunning : 3, Heraldry, Military lore
Dexterity : 4, Dueling
Magic : 0,
Perception : 3, Seeing
Strenght : 1,
Willpower : 2,

Weapon groups:
Bows, Light Blades, Staves, Dueling, Brawling.

Dual Weapon style Master, 2SP lightning attack, attack with off-hand as minor after normal attack (half damage bonus).
Contacts novice
Duelist novice, +1 def and atk when wielding main gauche in off-hand.

Dual Weapon Finesse, Dual striking, Riposte stance, Momentum stance.

Style stunts:
Riposte, Lacerate, Flurry, Dual weapon sweep, Whirlwind, Endless flurry.

Silverite Rapier (1d6+6 dmg)
Veridium Main gauche (1d6+2 dmg)
Reinforced Light leather (5 armor)
Noble’s Signet Ring
Le Collier Insignia

Rapier: +6 atk , 1d6 + 7 dmg (1d6 + 10 in finesse stance), Ignores half armor
Main gauche: +6 atk, 1d6 + 3 dmg (1d6 + 6 in finesse stance)


Gabriel d’Montford is an Orlesian noble, son of Raoul d’Montford.
He is a slender, 5’10" tall man in his early thirties. He has wavy shoulder length blonde hair and piercing sky-blue eyes like sapphires.

His father being a renowned war hero, Gabriel grew up under a lot of pressure. Dispite his father’s many attempts, Gabriel showed little interest in warfare or combat, preferring the subtleties of court and the vicious ways of politics. The only form of combat that intriqued Gabriel was the romantic art of dueling, which his father considered a naive, impractical form.
However, after witnessing Gabriel’s prowess both in dueling and in politics, Raoul finally started to appreciate his son’s talents. As a sort of reconciliation, Roual had a master blacksmith craft a magnificent silverite rapier for Gabriel.

Nowadays, Gabriel works as an envoy and agent for the Montford household. He is currently on a secret recon mission in Ferelden. Accompanying him are his manservant Jacques and a group of millitary experts belonging to Le Collier, an Orleasian group plotting the reclaiming of Ferelden.

Gabriel d'Montford

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