Filius Ultionem

The rage demon who was locked in the Links of Rage by powerfull Tevinter Magicians


Formally known as Mythallen to the elven or “Child of Vengeance” to the human counterparts. The ancient name he carries is Filius Ultionem.

A being feared in even the Fade by the spirits who realm theire. Aions ago he manifested through a young mage, but was banished in his inferior form. For Centuries he has tried for a actual manifestation in the natural world.

Stories say he succeeded in his ambition and wrecked havoc upon the whole of Thedas.

They say even the strongest magicians could not return him back to the Fade, so they made special links of Veridium and other metals that would lock him away for ever.

What has become of these links is not known to man, until an enraged elf found one of the links and picked it up, and Mythallen wrecked the city of Vintever.

Filius Ultionem

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