A merchant with various (less legal) goods on a trip towards Ostagar


High Communication Persuasion, Deception
Good Constitution
Decent Dex
Good Perception Crossbow
Low Strength
Decent Willpower,

Has a nice crossbow tucked away in a compartment. And one in one of his bags whom he takes with him most times. But he takes care not te let people know he has those.
In possession of certain artifacts, including some for protecting himself. Some wich make a magical connection to the Fade and contracts lesser demons and spirits.



A very wealthy looking merchant, with always his neat red an purple outfit. Suited to befit an Orlesian noble/merchant. He carries several silver and golden armlets and necklases. He also weares several rings, that might be worth something.


Seems charming his charasmatic personality really shines when he is selling hiss goods, although he keeps a lot to himself and his circle seems quite low. Also even though he is selling a lot of less legal goods. He acts a bit non-chalant when dealing with the consequences….


He travels along the Brescillian forest and The Wilds, eventualy towards Ostagar for a sales route.
And carries with him less legal (imported?) cargo. To sell. And takes a habit in hiring in his helpers in different towns.

With his bald and older looking apearance he attracts always a great crowd when in his selling personality. But he also serves a crowd with a more personal and dedicated attention.

Involvement with the Party

In Vintever Damaf convinced him to let him and his friends be his bodyguard for a ride into Amareus.


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