The Severed Reality

South towards Amareus Part 1

What happened in Lothan, stays in Lothan.

  • Almost a week after the fall of Mythallen in the village square of Vintever, the party arrives back in town.
  • A group of three Templars are hunting for Damaf in Vintever
  • Brian and his girl friend stole a horse of one of the Templars, keeping him mostly busy a whole day
  • The mysterious hooded man, Sarram , when approached he refused to convers, and left almost immediatly.
  • Met Falckthe Merchant in the broken down inn of Vintever
    • Damaf convinced him to hire him and his companions on the trip towards Ostagar with a few stops in between, including Amareus
  • First stop 5 hours from Vintever near a cliff hidden moslty by a forest
  • Sarram shows his sentimental side to Leo, for his ally’s to position himself. Then revealing his true nature.
  • Damaf secures the victory with freezing the large bird, before Sarram manages to retreat.
  • First Town stop is in Lothean a somewhat larger village then Vintever and Thuban along the same stream of water that was cursed in Thuban.
  • Falck stops to sell his goods to the locals. The Mayor of the town seems to like his wears.
  • Tavis and Damaf discover that the stream in Lothean will slowly reach the toxicity of that near Thuban in the river. And decide to convince the mayor to take precautions.
  • The mayor was convinced after a show of rotting plants, and decide with the help of Tavis, Damaf and Leo a filter can be made with certain materials. And within the night the filter was created and installed.
  • To celebrate a night hard work they went to the Tavern, but upon arrving Tavis noticed a strange magical green myst leaving the Tavern perimter.
  • In the Tavern the Ale seemed to affected as well, with quick, maybe reckless thinking, Damaf and Tavis grab the nearest pint of Ale. And starts an investigation.
  • But Before they can find out something the one holding the pint, slams Tavis through a table into the floorboard, cracking it. Giving the start sign of the worst bar fight in the history of the Southern Lands of Ferelden. The Barfight escalated into the tavern burning up with only a handful survivors. About 30 people died that night to the corrupted Black Fire. And so starts the myth of the Black Tavern Day in the small village of Lothean.
  • After a night of mourning and resting the caravan travels futher south the the city of Noxus


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