The Severed Reality

Sighting of Reinforcements

Reinforcements have arrived, but can they be trusted?

Important events

After the encounter with the SLOTH DEMON

  • The horse wondered off to the side of the cave and came back drenched in some kind of thick black goo, very sticky. And even though it was very unhorselike behaviour it actually curnched bone in its mouth. HORSE DRENSHED IN BLACK STICKY GOO.
  • Dorian gathered it in a BOTTLE OF BLACK STICKY GOO


  • Kara noticed that the cave was outfitted with a WALL OF BONED CORPES and in the corner lay AN ANCIENT ELVEN BROKEN MIRROR.

Returned to the front of the cave

  • Eshara was missing and she left a LETTER OF THANKS AND GOODBYE IN A HELMET
  • The SLAIN HORSE DRENCHED IN BLACK GOO was cooked and roasted, everyone ate some of it.

After a good nights sleep

  • Damaf and later Kara noticed FOOTSTEPS OF A STRANGER
  • A LETTER OF SUMMONING BY KING LOGAIN was placed in Neara’s bag together with some rocks.
  • Guy an Neara’s forces were approched by Greivous and his pet Dragon Alera.
    • Grievous offered Guy and the orlesians protection from the Ferelden in trade for Guy’s help in his cause.
    • Grievous told Kara that Ferre of Skullhold was waiting for her in Dragon Roar Fortress
    • Grievous approaches Dorian to help him with his quest.
    • Damaf agrees to help Grievous with to stop the Filius Ultionem
    • Neara was treatened by a captain of the Grey Ghosts, but convinces them to back off.

Lost men:

Experience gained:
100 xp Slaying the horse at the back of the cave
100 xp Waking up with a stinging cheek.
100 xp Approaching the King’s forces
200 xp Grievous proposed a deal


Zenmah Zenmah

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