The Severed Reality

Orlesion and Ferelden forces collide

Orlesion and Ferelden forces, struggling to get by collide in the Frostback Mountains

After months of travel from the Orlesian battlefield finally travense the Ferelden border, ready to make camp in the lower Frostback mountains.
Neara and her scout see them approaching on the lower side of the mountain. A small force of men. They decide to flank them, when Neara hears one of her nightmares come true. The approach of a Darkspawn horde.

Guy’s forces discover the Ferelden troups in time, and start maneuvering to more better posstion, when they notice the uncoming darkspawn as well.

Kara watches the two small groups of men twist and twirl around each other, when she notices the darkspawn coming to meet them. While securing good cover for herself she decides to stick around.

The Olesians and Fereldens decided working together might be the best option here and make a suberb stand at the darkspawn horde of almost 30. Outnumbered and weakened as they are they made a superb stand.

While a mysterious dark red darkspawn Emmissary spoke the words “retrieve Damaf”, followed by an attack on Damaf and Dorian by Shrieks with red glowing eyes.

They were not successful after a good coordinated defense of the Orlesians and Ferelden forces aided by the unseen Kara.

After the battle Kara led the two forces to a dark cave at the edge of the Lade Rose Lake.

Important events

  • Letter was found discussing a meeting in the Dragonroar fortress, in three nights.
  • A dragon was spotted flying high over the battlefield. Direction Dragonroar Fortress
  • Damaf’s staff absorbed red mist of the red darkspawn Emissary and the Shrieks.
  • The number of bodies of the darkspawn did not match the Darkspawn that were killed in battle.
  • Guided by Kara, the Orlesians and Fereldens are led into a dark cave for the night.

Lost men:

Experience gained:
200 xp Orlesians and Fereldens twisting and twirling
200 xp Darkspwan massacre
100 xp After battle role play


Zenmah Zenmah

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