The Severed Reality

Camping with new Friends

Camping with Friends in a dark and dangerous cave

Important events
  • Eshara claimed to be a lost elf and was invited by Kara to join the group in the cave.
    • She seemed distant and towards the occupants of the dark cave. showed up at an odd time and seemed a little shy/distant to an old friend Damaf.
  • Jean Luc is now terrified of the power of mind-wrecking mages like Dorian, because of a misunderstood combination of words.
  • Damaf’s staff stored traces of Filius Ultionem’s power during the fight with one of his acolytes. Though Damaf realises the tool he now wields is both powerfull and dangerous to his own fate as well as others.
  • A Bear taken over by a Sloth demon was slain by the forces of Ferelden’s Archers.
    • The Sloth demon slew the unaware Jean-Pierre in the depths of the cave.
    • He offered the power of knowledge for the earthly live, but it was not accepted.

Lost men:

Experience gained:
100 xp Finding Wood and a lost Elf
100 xp Finding Worms for dinner
100 xp Damaf’s analysis of his staff.
200 xp Taking down the lazy bear


Zenmah Zenmah

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