The Severed Reality

Act One: The Dalish Curse

Summary of the first act

  • Lifted the Dalish Curse of the Merill clan of the Dalish.
    • Resulting in a the climactic battle of Vintever, wich took the lives of 20 women en children and 30 brave fighting men, including Coanal the Blacksmith. Though many were lost, more where saved. Including little Brian, now an orphan.
    • Many lives of the Merill clan were lost, Orellis ,the Keeper, his competing Firsts (Eshara and Seth), a few elders and children and a handful of the heavily wounded elven hunters remain. Ready to rebuild the clan.
    • Seras decides to stay with the Merill clan to learn of his lost herritage.
    • Seth decides to learn more about the world outside the fallen apart from the Merill clan.


Zenmah Zenmah

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