The Severed Reality

Sighting of Reinforcements
Reinforcements have arrived, but can they be trusted?
Important events

After the encounter with the SLOTH DEMON

  • The horse wondered off to the side of the cave and came back drenched in some kind of thick black goo, very sticky. And even though it was very unhorselike behaviour it actually curnched bone in its mouth. HORSE DRENSHED IN BLACK STICKY GOO.
  • Dorian gathered it in a BOTTLE OF BLACK STICKY GOO


  • Kara noticed that the cave was outfitted with a WALL OF BONED CORPES and in the corner lay AN ANCIENT ELVEN BROKEN MIRROR.

Returned to the front of the cave

  • Eshara was missing and she left a LETTER OF THANKS AND GOODBYE IN A HELMET
  • The SLAIN HORSE DRENCHED IN BLACK GOO was cooked and roasted, everyone ate some of it.

After a good nights sleep

  • Damaf and later Kara noticed FOOTSTEPS OF A STRANGER
  • A LETTER OF SUMMONING BY KING LOGAIN was placed in Neara’s bag together with some rocks.
  • Guy an Neara’s forces were approched by Greivous and his pet Dragon Alera.
    • Grievous offered Guy and the orlesians protection from the Ferelden in trade for Guy’s help in his cause.
    • Grievous told Kara that Ferre of Skullhold was waiting for her in Dragon Roar Fortress
    • Grievous approaches Dorian to help him with his quest.
    • Damaf agrees to help Grievous with to stop the Filius Ultionem
    • Neara was treatened by a captain of the Grey Ghosts, but convinces them to back off.

Lost men:

Experience gained:
100 xp Slaying the horse at the back of the cave
100 xp Waking up with a stinging cheek.
100 xp Approaching the King’s forces
200 xp Grievous proposed a deal

Camping with new Friends
Camping with Friends in a dark and dangerous cave
Important events
  • Eshara claimed to be a lost elf and was invited by Kara to join the group in the cave.
    • She seemed distant and towards the occupants of the dark cave. showed up at an odd time and seemed a little shy/distant to an old friend Damaf.
  • Jean Luc is now terrified of the power of mind-wrecking mages like Dorian, because of a misunderstood combination of words.
  • Damaf’s staff stored traces of Filius Ultionem’s power during the fight with one of his acolytes. Though Damaf realises the tool he now wields is both powerfull and dangerous to his own fate as well as others.
  • A Bear taken over by a Sloth demon was slain by the forces of Ferelden’s Archers.
    • The Sloth demon slew the unaware Jean-Pierre in the depths of the cave.
    • He offered the power of knowledge for the earthly live, but it was not accepted.

Lost men:

Experience gained:
100 xp Finding Wood and a lost Elf
100 xp Finding Worms for dinner
100 xp Damaf’s analysis of his staff.
200 xp Taking down the lazy bear

Orlesion and Ferelden forces collide
Orlesion and Ferelden forces, struggling to get by collide in the Frostback Mountains

After months of travel from the Orlesian battlefield finally travense the Ferelden border, ready to make camp in the lower Frostback mountains.
Neara and her scout see them approaching on the lower side of the mountain. A small force of men. They decide to flank them, when Neara hears one of her nightmares come true. The approach of a Darkspawn horde.

Guy’s forces discover the Ferelden troups in time, and start maneuvering to more better posstion, when they notice the uncoming darkspawn as well.

Kara watches the two small groups of men twist and twirl around each other, when she notices the darkspawn coming to meet them. While securing good cover for herself she decides to stick around.

The Olesians and Fereldens decided working together might be the best option here and make a suberb stand at the darkspawn horde of almost 30. Outnumbered and weakened as they are they made a superb stand.

While a mysterious dark red darkspawn Emmissary spoke the words “retrieve Damaf”, followed by an attack on Damaf and Dorian by Shrieks with red glowing eyes.

They were not successful after a good coordinated defense of the Orlesians and Ferelden forces aided by the unseen Kara.

After the battle Kara led the two forces to a dark cave at the edge of the Lade Rose Lake.

Important events

  • Letter was found discussing a meeting in the Dragonroar fortress, in three nights.
  • A dragon was spotted flying high over the battlefield. Direction Dragonroar Fortress
  • Damaf’s staff absorbed red mist of the red darkspawn Emissary and the Shrieks.
  • The number of bodies of the darkspawn did not match the Darkspawn that were killed in battle.
  • Guided by Kara, the Orlesians and Fereldens are led into a dark cave for the night.

Lost men:

Experience gained:
200 xp Orlesians and Fereldens twisting and twirling
200 xp Darkspwan massacre
100 xp After battle role play

Two Years Later
Two years later, the blight has struck and new heroes take the spotlight

Two years later five new heroes take the spotlight in the fight for the survival of Ferelden and the strungle against the hold that Filius Ultionem has on it.

It is the 15th of Drakonis, 9:31.

Starring ( Add small details/links/updates to your High Concept if I got it wrong or you want change.
Guy, The Orlesian Chevalier on Foot.

Guy a Chevalier from Olais get seperated from his homeland with only 15 men from a deadly battle against the Darkspawn.
Guy’s story, Flight from Orlais worth 250 xp

Dorian, Half-Tranquil Mage Hunter

Dorian travels an experimental Tranquil, is on a top secret mission from the Chantry. Damaf has been sent with him to use when required.

Damaf, * ……. Filius Ultionem *

After having dreadfull experiences in the fade, the demon Filius Ultionem stroke Damaf hard on Satinalia Day. After a hard battle in Fade with his mind on the line. Damaf was victorious earning him a immunity to its influence from the Fade.
During this long and hard battle Damaf wound up with the ….. staff, in Nevarra. He was captured by the Chantry, his immunity kept him alive, so long as he would cooperate.
He was prodded and tested, but no explanation was found in the short time they had. He was sent of under the strict guard of Dorian.

Neara, The Honorbound Archer Captain

During the battle of Denerim, after Neara knew Denerim and Fort Drakon were lost, Neara ordered her men to make a tactical retreat from the battlefield. Neara and her 20 men left Denerim battered and wounded, and after a long and struggling ‘trip’ across the Waking Sea, they arrived in the vicinity of Orzammar. Only to discover that it was run over and collapsed on Dark Spawn.

There last hope was the Frostback Mountains, or turn to Orlais (No, not an option). More than two months travel and 8 men lost they arrived near the Rose Lady Lake.


A small but headstrong girl of the mountains, left Wyrmhold to hunt for food. Because even though dark times were approaching for the Avvar, without food no man woman or child survives out here.

Quickly she spotted the perfect prey, a small bird, one shot kill. STrangely enough this odd bird, one which wasn’t native to the mountains lay dead with a small note attached to it.

It described a meeting at the Dragonroar Fortress, the Fortress no one has been since the Dragon Age came upon us. In Three nights from today, inscribed with a strange emblem.

South towards Amareus Part 1
What happened in Lothan, stays in Lothan.
  • Almost a week after the fall of Mythallen in the village square of Vintever, the party arrives back in town.
  • A group of three Templars are hunting for Damaf in Vintever
  • Brian and his girl friend stole a horse of one of the Templars, keeping him mostly busy a whole day
  • The mysterious hooded man, Sarram , when approached he refused to convers, and left almost immediatly.
  • Met Falckthe Merchant in the broken down inn of Vintever
    • Damaf convinced him to hire him and his companions on the trip towards Ostagar with a few stops in between, including Amareus
  • First stop 5 hours from Vintever near a cliff hidden moslty by a forest
  • Sarram shows his sentimental side to Leo, for his ally’s to position himself. Then revealing his true nature.
  • Damaf secures the victory with freezing the large bird, before Sarram manages to retreat.
  • First Town stop is in Lothean a somewhat larger village then Vintever and Thuban along the same stream of water that was cursed in Thuban.
  • Falck stops to sell his goods to the locals. The Mayor of the town seems to like his wears.
  • Tavis and Damaf discover that the stream in Lothean will slowly reach the toxicity of that near Thuban in the river. And decide to convince the mayor to take precautions.
  • The mayor was convinced after a show of rotting plants, and decide with the help of Tavis, Damaf and Leo a filter can be made with certain materials. And within the night the filter was created and installed.
  • To celebrate a night hard work they went to the Tavern, but upon arrving Tavis noticed a strange magical green myst leaving the Tavern perimter.
  • In the Tavern the Ale seemed to affected as well, with quick, maybe reckless thinking, Damaf and Tavis grab the nearest pint of Ale. And starts an investigation.
  • But Before they can find out something the one holding the pint, slams Tavis through a table into the floorboard, cracking it. Giving the start sign of the worst bar fight in the history of the Southern Lands of Ferelden. The Barfight escalated into the tavern burning up with only a handful survivors. About 30 people died that night to the corrupted Black Fire. And so starts the myth of the Black Tavern Day in the small village of Lothean.
  • After a night of mourning and resting the caravan travels futher south the the city of Noxus
Act Two: The Cursed village of Thuban
What happened in the village of Thuban
  • After arriving in the village of Thuban, most of the town are ‘aggressively’ looking for Alera who is claimed to have cursed the river.
  • Tavis wandered around into the hands of a group who tried to manipulate him in the Fade, but Byorn, Seth and Damaf arrived just in time in the Drumas Caves just in the Brescillian Forest.
  • During exploration of the village Thuban, several paths are linked to the Drumas Caves
    • Charles’ Horse Barn
    • The mayors house
    • The Inn
    • A mysterious underground Gladiator hall full of monsters.
    • The cabin of old Alandro
  • Rescued the real mayor and the unconcious Sarah Stone from the depts of an underground Gladiator hall.
  • Sister Stone is locked up in special Fade Collar , the Severed Dreams Collar.
  • The villagers of Thuban have been cursed, a substance has mixed with their blood and made them mad. They call to ‘The Mother’ acourding to Freddy.
  • Alera seems not totally lost, she remembers a fuzzy dream, being rescued by a Bare chested Barbarian and several other girls.
  • Letters retrieved from Grevious’ lair reveal several facts:
    • Several prospects are being moved to The Wilds and the introduction of Fase 2
    • A possible answer to Brienne’s lack of communication, she might be one of the prospects of Grievous
    • Grievous seem to have an interest in the Son of Ser Jarryd and Damaf the escapee.
  • According to the Mayor his captors were some of his old friends, Alandro, The Innkeeper, The Purple Cloacked Man and the collared Iafalior Balefrost. And another mysterious ‘bleak looking’ Elf. They left the Mayor for dead and are heading south to the Wilds.
  • The Mayor asked/begged for the help of the party, even just the knowledge to free his fellow villagers from the curse. Tavis refused.
  • Tavis, Damaf, Leo and Byorn decided to leave Thuban to Charlesand the Mayor (and Drum?)
  • Sister Stone and Alera were also left in their care.
  • First stop Vintever


  • Freddy was saved by Tavis and Damaf from being consumed by the curse of Thuban.
  • Alera and Sister Stone are safe for now.
  • Alera seems to slowly regain her sense of self, including dreaming
  • Sister Stone is still locked in her Severed Dreams collar. ( And orders given when collaring her must be obeyed).
  • Seth’s body is still missing.
  • Drum is still pretty safe, drinking in his free time
  • The Mayor and Charles are left to solve the Curse of Thuban.
  • The river is still cursed.
  • View
    Meeting with Master Grievous
    Seth and Byorn find a new party involved in the affairs of Thuban

    Seth and Byorn convince Charles that they are not Charlies killers,
    They join up with Charles to track the black cloakedman to a meeting with his leader, Grievous.

    The black cloacked man, made a progress report.
    bq). The prepared prospects are being transported by the slave magician to the south. They are ready for the Phase Two to start.

    Seth, Byorn and Charles were spotted, and after a fierce fight, with losses on both sides, they fought back Grievous and The Purple Cloacked man.

    Act One: The Dalish Curse
    Summary of the first act
    • Lifted the Dalish Curse of the Merill clan of the Dalish.
      • Resulting in a the climactic battle of Vintever, wich took the lives of 20 women en children and 30 brave fighting men, including Coanal the Blacksmith. Though many were lost, more where saved. Including little Brian, now an orphan.
      • Many lives of the Merill clan were lost, Orellis ,the Keeper, his competing Firsts (Eshara and Seth), a few elders and children and a handful of the heavily wounded elven hunters remain. Ready to rebuild the clan.
      • Seras decides to stay with the Merill clan to learn of his lost herritage.
      • Seth decides to learn more about the world outside the fallen apart from the Merill clan.
    A meeting place controlled by fate



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